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Washington, D.C., Employment Law Attorneys

Protecting and Advancing Employees' Rights With Reason, Passion and Results

We are very passionate about employees' rights. We believe very firmly in a person's right to be able to do his or her job in a friendly and appropriate environment and to be given the same opportunities for advancement and pay increases as everyone else at the company. Working in a hostile environment is demeaning and affects every aspect of your life.

Being harassed, fired or passed over for a job because of someone else's misperception of you or personal bias and prejudice is wrong and must not be tolerated.

Our attorneys protect the rights of people in cases involving:

We represent government employees in discrimination and harassment claims and in prohibited personnel actions.

The Law Offices of Boniface K. Cobbina also represents clients in business disputes and litigation, including:

  • Counseling and representation
  • Breach of business contracts
  • Business torts and wrongful conduct
  • Real estate litigation

Call the Law Offices of Boniface K. Cobbina at 202-463-6900 or contact us online to discuss your circumstances.

Employee Rights Attorneys Representing Clients in Maryland Federal Cases

Employment law is both complex and evolving. Knowing what your rights are and how to protect and enforce them requires someone who is knowledgeable, committed and passionate about your case. Having a competent lawyer by your side who knows the current law and how it applies to your case is imperative if you are subjected to discrimination or harassment or other wrongs in the workplace.

The Law Offices of Boniface K. Cobbina is knowledgeable, committed and passionate about protecting and advancing your rights. Our law firm has helped hundreds of people regain their livelihoods, self-esteem and dignity after violations of their rights in the workplace. We can help you, too. We will listen to your story, analyze your case and work diligently to resolve the problem. We are fearless and pursue these cases aggressively because we know how crippling the loss of a job or problems at work can be. Contact our offices now; we will look for the right way to resolve your issue.

Call our Washington, D.C., employment law attorneys at 202-463-6900 or send us an e-mail to schedule an appointment.


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