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Washington, D.C., Whistleblower Lawyers

You Shouldn't Be Punished for Doing What Is Right

If you found out that your company was doing something illegal, you'd inform your supervisor, right? What if your supervisor told you to mind your own business or gave some other noncommittal answer? Isn't it your duty to report your company to whatever state or federal agency governs the regulation of the illegality? Of course it is. And if you choose to do this by "blowing the whistle," you open yourself to an array of retaliatory actions by your company, including harassment, discrimination and wrongful termination. Fortunately, the federal government has instituted employee protections to prevent your employer from taking adverse actions against you.

Our attorneys have the skill and knowledge to bring your employer to justice for its actions against you. If you feel that you are suffering unnecessarily at work because you reported the actions of your company to a state or federal agency, you need these laws on your side. It is important to come to us quickly because there are deadlines for filing after you are fired wrongfully.

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Retaliation Attorneys Representing Clients in the District of Columbia and in Federal Cases

It is important that you have the freedom to take action against abuses in the workplace or by your company against the government or another institution. However, workers often suffer retaliation after reporting illegal actions by their employer. This is illegal and should not be tolerated. You have a civic duty to report any wrongdoing, even if it is by your employer. Standing up for your rights and the rights of your fellow citizens should not be punished.

Our law firm will help you enforce your right to blow the whistle on your employer and expect to be treated fairly. We will help you assemble the necessary components of your case, contact your employer and file the necessary paperwork with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) and the Merit Standards Protection Board (MSPB). Our lawyers understand the importance you place on your job and how it contributes to your happiness, your ability to support your family and your sense of purpose. Losing it or having it made worse because you tried to prevent actions against you is wrong.

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