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Federal Government Employees Must Be Protected by Civil Service Rules

The Civil Service rules that protect federal government and District of Columbia employees must be safeguarded. The rules are complex and changing all the time. It is important to have an experienced and skilled lawyer by your side if you plan on filing a complaint with a federal agency or the Merit Standards Protection Board (MSPB) because of dismissal or retaliation for whistleblowing, or if you're filing a discrimination claim with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) because your employer has taken adverse actions against you and you've been put on a performance improvement plan (PIP) without just cause. The time periods for filing and statutes of limitations are much shorter under federal law. Our attorneys understand the workings of the MSPB and the EEOC. We know how they work hand in hand and where they differ. We know what constitutes a reasonable adverse action against an employee by a supervisor and what rules govern the hiring and dismissal of federal employees.

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Maryland Federal Employee Lawyer

The Office of Special Counsel (OSC) has authority to investigate and, if necessary, prosecute claims of "prohibited personnel practices" or PPP. These include all of the standard protections given to private sector employees, but also cover certain protections set forth by the Civil Service Reform Act of 1978. Because of the complexity of these additional rules, you need to consult an attorney who knows this system inside and out. Winning your case relies upon having the expert knowledge and tenacity our law firm possesses.

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