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Washington, D.C., Race Discrimination Lawyers

Your Race and Ethnicity Should Not Be Factors in Your Work Life

Your family heritage is something to be proud of and shouldn't affect your ability to get a job, a promotion or raise, or any other work-related benefit. Companies are not allowed to discriminate against anyone based on their race. This was put into federal law in 1964 as Title VII of the Civil Rights Act and many states have their own additional statutes regarding racial discrimination.

Our work defines us as much as our race. Employers cannot discriminate against a certain race in terms of employment, benefits, termination, discipline or salary or by segregating or classifying a particular race. Decisions made on stereotypes or generalities about a specific race are another form of workplace discrimination. Tracing these kinds of discrimination can be tricky, however, because an employer can claim a particular decision was made due to other factors.

If you feel that your employer is discriminating against you because of your race, you need an attorney who can trace the behavior against you to prove whether it was racially motivated. We will listen to your story and put ourselves in your shoes in an effort to recognize poor behavior on the part of your employer. Our knowledge of the law and long experience in protecting the rights of clients just like you will help unravel the tangled web of discrimination against you.

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Racial Discrimination Attorneys Serving Clients in the District of Columbia and in Federal Cases

Discrimination against an individual because of his or her skin color or national origin is another problem and can be actionable. If your skin is lighter or darker than another person of your same race or if you are from a different country and you are passed over repeatedly for promotion by people of the same race, but of a preferred skin tone or differing nationality, it needs to be addressed. This color and national origin discrimination is an issue for people of all races.

Our lawyers passionately fight cases of racial discrimination and do whatever is necessary to right the situation, including taking your employer to court. In this great American melting pot, all the ingredients need to work together to create our unique flavor. No one should be excluded from making a good life for him or herself because of his or her race, nationality or skin color.

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