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Washington, D.C., Employment Contract Attorneys

Your Employment Contract Should Be Fair to You

When you sign a contract for employment, you are expecting your employer to hold up its side of the bargain. Many people don't understand most of what is in their employment contract nor whether it is beneficial to them. Our attorneys are here to review your contract and go over it with you, so you understand exactly what your rights are as an employee.

Or perhaps you have been offered a severance agreement and don't know whether you should accept it. The first question you should ask is, "Why am I being let go?" Is it because of your age? Your race or gender? Companies offer what seems like a good deal to cover up their discriminatory behavior. What looks good on paper may be a case of your being discriminated against by your employer and not getting what you truly deserve in compensation for your years of hard work. Cases like this are not always just about discrimination, but can also become wage and hour disputes.

Call the Law Offices of Boniface K. Cobbina at 202-463-6900 or contact us online to discuss your employment contract or severance agreement.

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Our lawyers will listen to the story of how and why you were let go. We will then review your severance agreement and examine the many possibilities surrounding your circumstances. If we see that you are being pushed out of your job due to discrimination, we will fight for your rights.

Most people don't consider discrimination when they are released from employment. General employment is still "at will," but there are myriad laws that hold your employer accountable for actions against you. Our law firm will contact your employer and show how it was wrong to let you go. If necessary, we will take your case to court. We are passionate advocates for our clients and want to see their adversaries brought to justice.

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